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Joomla Templates

Aurora Template

  • Template Published: January
  • Template Category: Premium Joomla Template
  • Template Description: Aurora provides a special sidebar layout position where we've published the main menu. It can also be set to be fixed in its position. The Sidebar width can be modified from 15% to 50%. In some of our styles the sidebar layout position features background images, which can optionally be fixed. In addition, we provide a subtle parallax scrolling effect for the images. As mentioned above, Aurora is the first theme which applies Widgetkit 2. We have also added a Bonus Grid Widget for Aurora. The grid features a nice overlay caption effect for image elements in grid items. Just select "Above" or "Below" the title to align media and it will work automatically.

Vino Veritas Template

  • Template Published: December
  • Template Category: Premium Joomshopping Template
  • Template Description: The "Yagendoo Vino Veritas VT" Virtuemart Template is an elegant and detailed Template for Virtuemart which is perfectly suitable for shops with high quality goods and any target group. The separate parts of the Virtuemart Template harmonise which each other and thus provide a best possible usability range, not only in the wine industry.

Swagon Template

  • Template Published: December
  • Template Category: Premium JoomShopping Template
  • Template Description: The "Yagendoo SwagOn VT" Virtuemart Template is a modern and playful E-Commerce Template for Virtuemart which is excellently suitable for shops with a young target group or shops with special products. The Virtuemart Template provides 10 different styles which can be selected using parameters easily - so there is surely also for you the perfect style contained.
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