JoomlArt Affiliate Database hacked!

Published on Saturday, 06 December. Posted in Joomla Blog

Important Information from JoomlArt: "I am sorry to inform you that our affiliate system data has been hacked and leaked online. The leaked information includes username, emails and PASSWORDS too. The passwords were not encrypted and thus pose a serious risk to your other accounts if using the common passwords. The system itself was not hacked but rather the server compromised and database hacked. For now, we have disabled the affiliate system and are trying to get the published list removed but it has been mailed to 500 users (affiliate system users) so far by hacker. Please review your JoomlArt affiliate password and change the same across other sites if its a common password. We are working hard to find the security hole and assess the extent of the breach. We are planning more steps to contain the situation and we would keep you informed with further updates. We apologize for such a breach and will keep you informed as we hear more from server admins. In the meantime, please check our blog post for updated information. Thanks for understanding and being with us through the hard time!"

Read more at JoomlArt (News by JoomlArt)

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