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Gantry was born when the RocketTheme development team wanted to consolidate our extensive set of custom Joomla and WordPress template functionality into a simple, easy to use framework. However, we wanted to ensure we didn’t lock ourselves into a rigid framework that would stifle the creativity and bleeding-edge design features that we had become known for. It had to be powerful enough to do everything our templates already handled, but allow us to easily extend and build-on these features with a minimum of effort and complexity. We wanted to have a solid base we could build on top of when creating a new template or theme. Anything that was common to all templates was a prime candidate to be put in the core of Gantry, and anything specific to the template design itself should be part of the template itself. Traditionally the Joomla and WordPress layout options are limited, but Gantry was built to provide a new layer on top of this traditional module configuration to give an unprecedented level of control and flexibility. Gantry is a powerful framework that RocketTheme uses as the basis for all of its Joomla and Wordpress theme designs, and we have made it available to you via the GPL license. You are free to use it in your theme development projects. Please check out the Documentation for full details and information on how to implement Gantry in your own projects.

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