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JSN Template Framework is a template control system. Cleverly hidden behind the template, it will be installed automatically when you install JSN templates. This Bootstrap-applied framework provides an intuitive user interface with separate sections and clear descriptions for each parameter. No special skills are required to get acquainted to this framework since it comes with no render mechanism. It means no totally-new interface with an overwritten index.php file. It utilizes the existing render mechanism of Joomla to accelerate the loading speed. So this means that, as Joomla users, you can spend your time and energy on other additional features of JSN Template Framework instead. Newbies can discover Joomlashine templates via sample data. Once installed it, you get the dummy data the same as the demo content. Now everything is in your hands – Just feel free to get an overview of what is contained in the template and examine any details you like. Along with dummy data, you get free editions of our three necessary yet powerful Joomla extensions – JSN ImageShow, JSN Uniform and JSN PowerAdmin. Another option is the Quick Start package – A full package of Joomla CMS and a Joomla template. It is convenient if you want to create a whole separate environment to learn about our templates.  You will be informed whether you are using the latest template and template framework or not in the back-end. If not, just click the “Update” button to update only the framework or both the framework and template to the latest versions; the process will run automatically. Then you get all the latest bug fixes and newly added features. No need to re-install the template!

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